The Cafe Bar

Studio 75  is nestled in tropical Mozambique. With the warm sunshine, and beautiful beaches, we have now brought you Studio 75.
Studio 75 is a music cafe, that operates as both a cafe and a venue, a place where you come and unwind.. Socialise and have a great time.
Taking you away from your normal hectic day, no worries and no stress. Just sheer music pleasure.

We offer a wide variety of music.. from retro to modern. From colorful, folkloric styles to pop. From rock to afro jazz. Not just a set style.
Music for all tastes and likes. We want you to make the connection, with the traditional and the contemporary.

We ensure to play the right type of music for the right time of day. Our aim is to provide a performance opportunity for all musicians,
to present live performances in a friendly and nurturing environment. This way we can all enjoy what the bands have to offer.
Enjoy their unique sound and lyrics.

We serve light meals too, when you get hungry. And drinks when you get thirsty. We have a menu with a number of choices...
Our customers rave about the flavour, quality & creative presentation of our food, along with the friendliness and professionalism of our staff.
Everything on our menu is fresh and use good quality ingredients. We are Creative & Passionate about Great Food!

There is a variety of products to choose from our entertainment catalogue... vinyl players, vinyls, cd, dvds, books, paintings, sculptures.
Its simple, you can order online and we deliver it to you.. or else you can come and enjoy it here and order at your leisure. Studio 75 is your
one stop entertainment cafe!